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It ends in murder...

When Gabriella Dubois wakes up in the hospital she remembers nothing of being pulled—unconscious—from the bottom of a deep ravine. But as events of the early morning slowly resurface, she remebers one thing her husband Daniel wants her to forget.

Gabriella discovered a secret—one her husband had been keeping. Now, her desperate search for truth begins. But the deeper she digs through Daniel's life, the closer she gets to the most dangerous secret of all—her own.

But Daniel would do anything for his wife. He doesn't just love Gabriella, he worships her. And all he wants is a chance to prove it. But how will he prove anything when his newly revealed secret has just been found brutally murdered—and all the evidence points to him?

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Secrets, Lies & Murder


“Secrets, Lies & Murder by Lesli Catsouras is a thrilling mystery novel filled with drama and suspense. This book has a heart-stopping storyline with a twisted plot, keeping the reader guessing until the last page. The characters are compelling and have complex personalities and lives. Each person's story adds to the turmoil and peril unfolding in the plot. It is an exhilarating read, taking the reader on a breathless journey where suspense and danger combine, rising and building to a spine-tingling finale. This gripping novel will intrigue those who love thrillers charged with action, thwarted love, and mystery."

~Susan Sewell for Readers' Favorite

Definitely a fun read. The story is unique in that each of the chapters is told from a different character’s perspective of the same (or related, or extended) event. The characters are well crafted, and the reader definitely cares about them. The pacing is good. Structure, grammar, and organization are good. The writer does a good job of introducing the scene by throwing the reader right into it, showing and not telling. The transitions feel flawless.

~Judge Writer’s Digest

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